Mike Wieringo’s iconic work and the Ringo Awards

Creativity, originality, and an eye for detail are just but a few of the skills that a great comic book writer possesses. In order for the audience to stay thrilled and yearn for more, the content must have a sense of magnet that attracts and sticks. Like any form of art, comic books authors have had a great impact on the society. An appreciation for their works contributes to the enhancement of their skills and talents. Thanks to such projects as Ringo Awards.

The Ringo Awards LFascinating works of comics have created a sense of heroism and need to do good among readers. Most of these comic books come up with characters who are superheroes and thrive to deal with the villains in the society. The prevalence of the growth of these characters has affected every other industry. For instance, the film industry is making use of comic books to formulate movies. Go figure- it’s literally a roadmap with a rough script and storyboard pictures already.

The Ringo Awards was primarily started to appreciate and celebrate the authentic, creative, and fascinating works of comic creators. Named after the late Mike Wieringo, an artist whose works include working for both DC Comics and Marvel on both Spider-Man and The Flash. The awards are held annually with various elaborate categories. Besides the fun in the comics, the Awards seeks to create a competitive edge amongst artists. Furthermore, it aids in facilitating a concrete field that targets the building of unique authors with specific identification of each.

Comic creations are geared to sensitize various issues through the sequential artistic works. The entertainment behind the stories narrated in comic books is also meant to educate and enlighten readers. In replacing the Harvey Awards, the Ringo Awards at the Baltimore Comic-Con has ensured that the standards of comics stay higher every year.

Some of the significant standards used in selecting Award winners include their uniqueness in various forms of arts that make up comics. This is distributed in areas like the drawings, writings, lettering, anthology, humor, design presentations, cartoons, and series among many more. The 2018 Ringo Awards will be held in Baltimore Comic-Con on the 29th of September. The nominees are voted by both pros and fans. This is to help in ensuring that there is no bias and that the winners are worth the award.

Considering that there are so many categories in the award, so many nominees have been listed for the 2018 competition. In the best cartoonist writer/artist, the nominees include Guy Delisle Emil Ferris, Monica Gallagher, Joelle Jones, Quechee, and Jillian Tamaki. The 2017 winner of this categories were Daniel Clowes, Steve Conley, Hernandez Brothers, Aydin Anh Huynh, Kaitlyn Narvaza, and Skottie Young.

The impact of comic books on the society today is evident. Characters like Spiderman, the Flash and Batman have helped in emphasizing different virtues among individuals. The artistic nature amongst children is currently observed within their early years. The entertainment industry, on the other hand, is on the toes to bring nothing but the best to its audience.