The unfinished works of Mike Wieringo


Mike Wieringo is a comic artist who was born in Italy, Vincenza on 24th June 1963. After some year his family moved back to Rustburg, Virginia and Mike grew up here with his younger brother. They grew up together, they had fun, and a great adventurous childhood, they both grew up in Rustburg, Virginia and discovered Comics and drawing at a very young age. Art was Mike's focus, so he worked hard to pursue his dream of drawing comics as his primary goal.


The Sensational SpiderMan LMike died on 12th August 2007 he died unexpectedly of aortic dissection in his home at Durham-North Carolina. Mike was a very talented artist everyone can see that in his work. He always strived in growing and to doing better. He drew and re-drew his layouts and figures and later he got it right. He was just like most artists, and he was not easy on himself. His partner Mark was so hurt by his death, he said although he had a job, Mike gave him a career. Before his death, Mike had done different comics project where he teamed with other popular artists. He worked for DC comics, He worked for Marvel, and his unique style gained him favorable notices in he drawing comics industry.


During his time Mike Wieringo teamed with Mark, and on a high profile Marvel's “Fantastic Four" and his other books included the “Adventures of Superman","Robin" and" The Sensational Spider-Man". His most recent works were the Fantastic Four and the Spider-Man which were written by Jeff Parker a Burlington native. At his memorial service, Jeff Parker said that they had planned re-team on ‘What if’ the Marvel's story and the same day he died he had received a new page of art from Mike, leaving the project largely unfinished. Most of his DC and Marvel stories are still in print, and The hardcover volume of his great Tellos art was expected to come out few months after his death- unbeknownst to Mike or anyone else. Before his death, Mark Wieringo was planning to revive the Tellos series as soon as his contract with Marvel expired. Dezago one of his teammates says there are other plans to translate Tellos into another medium. This means that Mike Wieringo's vision will be one-day touch people in a different style other than comics.

To this day, Mike Wieringo's works remain as a great testament to how his stories and arts touched others. Mark kept on doing some of the unfinished projects that he did with Mike, but he still had to team up with other artists since he was just the writer. There is also an un-named secret movie based on Mike Wieringo unfinished concepts, so hardcore fans are waiting eagerly. While we cant give you any information about it, what we are sure of is that based on his track record- this secret movie is bound to be a real blockbuster. Mike Wieringo had endless appreciation for the awesome characters and enjoyed out of online drawing events. It is sad that the comics industry had lost one among its influential members. All his friends were left in sorrow, and they kept saying they had never worked with a talented man like Mike. Mark and other comics artists made other arts in the memory of Mike and as a way to honor him. He will forever be remembered and be honored as long as the comics industry exists.